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Private Practice For Holistic Orthopedics in Berlin Spandau

Since every human’s physique is unique, there can be no universally suited standard therapy. In the end, every therapy must be administered individually.

Our time-proven therapeutic alternative to conventional medicine is suitable for treating chronic pain syndrome, migraines, lumbago (acute lower back pain), allergies and much, much more.

Depending on the development stage of the arthrosis, we deploy different therapy concepts: on the one hand to ease the pain, on the other to directly treat the causes.

„If someone has no time for their health, they someday will have to make time for being ill“, Sebastian Kneipp once said. Therefore: Prevention is the best medicine.

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Dr. med. Naser Hatami

Who We Are And In What We Believe

Private Practice For Holistic Orthopedics

“Prevention is the best medicine.” Under this guiding principle we offer you competent health consulting as well as a modern anti-aging concept (prevention concept).

Our goal is not to let serious illnesses develop in the first place. If you nevertheless should develop health issues, we advocate that looking at a human being in a holistic way is of essential importance to ensure the healing of body and mind.

Therefore we are offering our patients a unique diagnosis and therapy concept in which conventional medicine as well as alternative treatment methods are considered.“

Dr. med. Naser Hatami


Private Practice For Holistic Orthopedics

Logo Hatami Orthopädie Berlin Spandau

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