Your Body’s Structure Is Unique!

The human body harbors enormous potential for self-healing,

and these powers can be activated through therapeutic measures.
Since every human being is unique in terms of their body structure, there can be no universal standard therapy.

That means that every therapy must be personalized.

In our practice (Orthopedist Berlin Spandau) we offer you besides orthopedic treatment methods also alternative therapies, as well as preventive medicine (anti-aging) and aesthetic medicine procedures.


Andullation Therapy

Arthrosis Therapy

Aesthetic Medicine

Aslan Cure

Chelation Therapy

Chiro Therapy

Insoles (Orthotics)

Magnetodyne Therapy

Meso Therapy

Spinal Therapy

Neural Therapy

Orthomolecular Medicine

Osteoporosis Therapy

Anti-­Aging Medicine (Prevention)


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